About Term Insurance

Do you have a term insurance policy? Any talk about insurance and you will be asked this question.

So, do you?

If you have a family or dependents, term insurance is a must. No other policy will offer you as much value for money as this one


What is the big deal?

In its simplest form, term insurance is the purest form of life insurance. Should the insured person pass away, the family is protected by a certain amount. . But if the insured survives till the insured term, he will not get back anything,

For instance, a 30-year-old person can get a Rs 25 lakh cover for an annual premium of Rs 7,300 for 25 years, a coverage that will cost him about Rs 97,050 and Rs 131,850 in endowment and money-back policies, respectively


The term insurance advantage

Term insurance is especially beneficial for young people with dependents.

 Income and assets are generally not high in the early stages of one's career or marriage, but there may be dependents to care for. As the premium is low, it is easier to keep the policy running even during career breaks.


How much it costs ?







25 Lac

25 Years



25 Lac

25 Years



25 Lac

25 Years